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A new profile from achte - more depth for the same price!

Rahmenzarge 22 light

In order to meet the needs of our customers we developed a new profile for frames. Like the 20.74 the brand new frame profile 22 light has a very competitive price. As you can see in the drawing the depth of the frame profile 22 is 22 mm instead of 15mm for the profile 20.74 (ultralight) to give a visual impact of more heavier profiles.

The frame profile 22 is available now and compatible to all accessories of the 20.74. If you need a sample of the profile please contact us. We will send you a sample free of charge.

Comparison of sizes:

Rahmenzarge 22 light

22 mm

Profil Ultralight

15 mm

Rahmenzarge 22 light (20.76) Profile Ultralight (20.74)